I was listening to some retro music and suddenly got stuck on one article. I could not help myself but just pen down my views about it.

It is a new age, everything around us is updated, everything around us is modernized. We are saying that we have started understanding the law of rights.

The law of equality, freedom of speech, and expression.

Is it so? Is truly our society changing truly? To some extent, misinterpretations are happening in society. I do not ignore or deny that, as that is our connection with those beliefs and perceptions in which we all are brought up.

Has anything changed in these many years? I am forty plus, but I think that even today a girl cannot open her feelings. Today also if you see the matrimonial columns, you will also see the preference of a lovely, fair-looking girl with good behaviour and background and, yes, financially independent.

Above all this, the age bar is criteria. She should be highly qualified, but her age should have a restriction. In case she is dusky or a little darker-complexioned with good education, also there are certain norms the family must go through, especially the girl.

I mean, wow!

If a girl turns 30 or maybe she crosses, everyone starts bothering her about getting married and then all suddenly changes around her whether pursuing further studies, her dream of a career, everything comes with taxation on her for being a female.

Why can’t a girl even give an advertisement in a matrimonial magazine wanting a guy who can cook for her, who can support her in her decision, who can be her emotional support, maybe a little wealthy with heart and bank balance?

No, today also a girl cannot ask a boy whether he understands the pain of menstruation, why can’t a girl ask a boy whether he is a virgin or has any previous relationship. Today she cannot say whether she wants to have children or not.

Even today all expectations are from girls, then why do we boast time is changing?

I do not want to change anything because it’s not going to change, but at least a girl can ask for her right to question in the frame of brackets but at least ask her questions that she seeks.

As all are not lucky enough to get wonderful life partners. Then what is the use of saying marriages are made in heaven? It is all destined.