Worries that are taking you to grave

“Those who do not know how to fight worry die young “

— Dr. Alexis carrel

If you see these days on any tv channels or any media we are seeing photos being uploaded for taking vaccinations. Flash news are running across all screening of todays score of vaccination and score of positive cases or death. In return what is it happening ,we only see some people mocking , abusing fighting on the channel panels blaming governments , panelist and nothing else other than stress every where. Doctors are attempting to cure the body without curing the mind; yet mind and body are one and should not be treated separately.

This time of pandemic since last March 2020, we all see how things are taking dastric steps on our lives.

People were struggling for oxygen, for treatment for medicines. Everywhere there were only cries, panic fear. All eyes were searching for support. Pyres were piled up for doing the last rituals, 2020 & 2021 became a really nightmare for many low-income earners.

Those who had the resources could take the treatment, and those who couldn’t have to be at the mercy of doctors and the government.

Anyways, other countries have overcome this battle of pandemic. But in our country we are fighting. All the big or small hospitals or government hospitals all ringing the door bells to warn against the pandemic, vaccinating crowds.

People are still in a panic state, and the government is trying hard to vaccinate the entire population.

In all this we are still ignoring one big thing that is “WORRIES”.”WORRYING FACES”.

I’m really sorry for writing this on my blog. Even today no one has ever yet rung my door bell to warn against emotional sickness of WORRY – an illness that, during the same time period, has caused thousands of times more damage than pandemic.

No doctor has ever warned that nine out of ten now living might die due to nervous breakdown – induced in the vast majority of cases by worry and emotional conflicts.

If you see, 70% of the patients who were brought to hospital could have cure themselves if they could only have got rid of their fears and worries.

The government did start ayush helplines of counselling, it’s flashing on television and radios on mobile. But how many could have really approached them because still there is unawareness of counselling.

Yesterday when I heard one of my educated clients views towards counselling it really shocked me, an highly qualified person working in a reputed organization could think so , so sympathetic that psychological worries are not considered issues, even educated people believe counselling is a waste of time, it doesn’t work. I was really shocked seeing this ignorance.

When will this attitude towards acknowledging psychological needs be recognized?

Whether its businessmen, housewives, bricklayers, horse doctors or a small adolescent who doesn’t know how to fight worry, they die young.

I want people to understand that fear causes WORRY. WORRY makes you tense and nervous.

People still are not understanding and are still unable to adjust themselves to the world of reality, hence these numbers of cases are still prevailing in our country.

I’m writing this to ring your doorbell and warn you.

Wake up and understand that worries are killing you more than the pandemic.

Blaming doctors, hospitals, government will continue, television channels showing headlines of countless deaths will continue, but as an individual,, you wake up, before WORRIES TAKE YOU IN GRAVE.

Psy Greeshma Nataraj

Psychotherapist, Counselling Psychologist & Tarologist