Emotions or Robots?

Life teaches you a lot on this journey. Each day you see you are graduating with new knowledge, new information, new methods. But still, we are bothered with unawareness and insecurity towards our own performance either in personal or professional life. When it comes to a particular task. At times I have also heard people saying I wish I would have got a little more time. Also, I heard some saying everything is urgent, but I’m done for today, I shall do it tomorrow, though they have time left in their hands, or maybe proper planning could actually keep the task in complete control.

People think that if they can change anything or everything tomorrow, we shall have a great future. We shall do it tomorrow.

Do they really do this?

The answer to the thing that I have learnt is people relax thinking that they have a day coming further, and they shall do it tomorrow. But does this behaviour make them a settled person tomorrow?

Are this behavioral pattern making you a good person?

I feel it’s good for you to wish to relax and enjoy your future, but if work today in such a disciplined and planned way that tomorrow will be successful and relaxed. Keeping things for the next day can be a strategy but not always, it shouldn’t be a pattern.

Planning and discipline have to be in life, as that is what is called life.

If moderate indiscipline weren’t there, life would become stagnant. It wouldn’t have been so exciting.

But some people take it in the wrong understanding and end their dreams or end their lives. Without knowing that there’s still hope today, the day has not ended.

Discipline and a proper approach to planning actually keep you going, whether rich or poor, they are bounded, or rather, they all live with this technique, and that’s what is the fun.

It inspires you to go ahead and create a new version of yourself.

If you wish to create a new outlook for yourself, let us be a little naughty, a little indiscipline, and secure, otherwise we will be just emotional less rather than Robots. So perform when you have time, as the proverb rightly says “tomorrow never comes”!

Whether you have one person in the hall for the show or the show is houseful, we are all actors at this stage of life, we have to perform.

One person claps in an empty auditorium also breaks the silence of that auditorium as well as the fully crowded auditorium… Don’t wait for tomorrow to perform it, do it today…