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Have met the therapist and  the therapist have asked you to undergo therapy like CBT, and you are stuck taking it. As you are not completely aware of how and what it does.

Many people have got a lot of confusion about what is the difference between cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT) and talk therapy .

Although both involves talking, but in fact they are very different from each other.
It is important to know these differences when it comes to attend CBT for you.


What is Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy?

The word cognitive is derived from the Latin word “cognoscere,” which means “to recognize.”

CBT is a treatment modality introduced by Aaron Beck, a psychiatrist, in the 1960s. It is actually a combination of two different strategies: behavioural therapy and also psychotherapy.

The objective of CBT is to approach therapy as a problem-solving exercise. Where in you work with a therapist who implies CBT, in which you are taught to understand your thinking patterns and behavioural patterns. Specifically, addressing cognitive issues, such as your personal beliefs, your thoughts, and your attitude.

What makes CBT a very powerful tool of treatment is that it addresses core issues that you are  holding about yourself.


CBT takes your connections back to your childhood

When you start analysing into perceptions of yourself we often  go back towards our childhood. The early years of our childhood are actually very important beginning to understand the world and about your existence place .

How you interact with your situations around or circumstances and other people has always got an lasting effect on you till your youth . This includes how you interacted with your parents, your siblings your relatives ,in your school ,etc. and what you learned about yourself through them.


CBT: A Powerful tool of therapy

As you see, addressing cognitive issues along with behavioural treatment is a powerful combination.

In CBT On the one hand, you are working with a therapist to understand your thinking and perceptions about yourself. But on the other side , your behaviour component  is also taken care  and that insight helps you to transforms it into action in order to achieve real changes in you.



What do you mean by Talk Therapy?

Talk therapy is simply talking out your heart where in you, as a patient, express yourself to your therapist. This is where you and your therapist have a conversation with each other in the therapist’s clinic or office. Talk therapy is very useful in its own right. Often people need to get things off their head or heart and need to have a safe place to do so. So this therapy is the best way to vent out your stuff. Some times, when the problems are deep rooted  talk therapy just may not be enough to resolve your problems fully.

What is The Difference Between CBT and Talk Therapy

The reason which makes  CBT useful and successful is that it creates a process for real change. Talking and expressing yourself is important. Yet, talk therapy doesn’t have the added components of creating understanding or instilling change in you.

You can keep talking all day to anybody and not truly recognize or understand the following points :

  • Patterns of your behaviour
  • What is Your role in creating those patterns
  • How your life story contributes to those patterns
  • In what ways your actions affect others

 with CBT, both you and your therapist create a pathway towards change.

So, when you are taking cognitive behavioural therapy it is actually helping you to bring in the real difference in you towards your problem which you are struggling from long period its not simply talking and venting out.

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