Happy New Year & Happy World Family Day

A very Happy New Year and Happy World Family Day to all of you out there

Everyone is happily celebrating NEW YEARS EVE, but do anyone of us know that its also A WORLD FAMILY DAY which is also celebrated.

I know in India we don’t have to specially celebrate this day ( World Family Day ). But the way we are loosing faith in our relations , bonding’s I think in India also we will be soon starting celebrating FAMILY DAYS.

Families and particularly joint family was our Indian culture but today I think that this joint family culture is vanishing . We have started migrating under the name of work , higher studies expansions and all but the heart to heart connections with our own family relatives have started diminishing.

Happy Near Year 2023 wishes

WhatsApp have been replaced by Happy New Year Wishes, letters, phone call by video call, every minute of life is digital and to gather number of friends its Facebook and Instagram.

Yes these are the best technologies but the human touch is missing , families are connected but only digitally, this year at least make a resolution that you will find time for your family from your busy schedule so that you will not feel alone in crowd, you will not be depressed when you are going through your set of problems in journey of life.

Enjoy your New Year Week with your Family and Relationships….

Family is the best relationship you have, for keeping your emotional balance intact.

Value your relationship..

Value your family & Relations ..

Whether its parents, relatives , friends , pets ,plants anyone….

Universe is sending you alarms every time relationships is the best gift value it , money fame and wealth will follow if you value the true meaning of belonging to a FAMILY.

Family is Family…

Greeshma Nataraj

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