Beauty lies in the eyes of the observer, so we always pay attention to our physique, looks, attires & accessories, and attitudes but there is something we usually try to ignore.
Psychological issues have always been ignored to one certain point. Hence either we suppress our emotions or consult someone we feel they can help us, not every time we are correct in getting addressed to our problems.
There is a difference between advice, guidance and Counseling.  Advice is persuasive, Guidance is to encouraging while Counselling is Facilitative.

Greeshmma Natraj

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Greeshmma Natraj,  charismatic and positive personality, founder of Greeshma Nataraj Counselling Cafe’  who has been appreciated and awarded for her services for inspiring people.


Greeshmma has received awards and certification of gratitude as a Life Coach, Tarot Card Reader and Motivational Speaker.


Greeshmma, the name itself connects you with the climate spring, which gives a soothing picture of sunshine, greenery, everywhere blossoms of flowers and chirping sound of birds which will make you fall in love with the nature.  Similarly, Greeshmma is a dynamic personality apt to her name. Greeshmma is exactly that spring season which makes you fall in love with her.


Greeshma Nataraj

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Individuals, Couples, Families, Parents, Teenagers, Startups, Businesses, Distressed people, Woman Entrepreneurs, Television Artists, Movie Directors, Celebrities, Doctors, Models, Musicians, Software Professionals, Baby Name suggestions, Aura Cleansing, Vaastu and Fengshui  Remedies,  and many more …