When shall I start ?

We are so afraid of our future and the problems we go through thinking of our past and the future. That sometimes people mess up with their thoughts and start thinking about committing suicide.

We go so deep in our past experience and forget to live our present moment thinking about the past and how I will manage the future.

In each and every holy book, whether it’s Geetha, Bible or Quran or guru Granth sahib , they all have given us advice on enjoying life the way it comes, and trying to live in each and every moment to make it best for tomorrow.

To give up the thought of living and think of suicide also needs an influence of thoughts. The very depressed thought actually brinks you to suicide. This dreaded thought of getting up each morning and facing difficult situations of challenges in front of you actually scares the hell out of you. This negative gets you close to depression, which some people doesn’t realize.

Anyone can actually work hard till the dusk but we really don’t pay attention to the good part of it and just think of only hard, tough, negative thoughts which are wired deep hard in our brains.

We forget to remember that circumstance which we have battled and crossed with smiles and courage.

We forget that Every Day is a New Life to a Wise Man. It’s not too HARD to LIVE only one day at a time.

The Roman poet Horace had said ” Tomorrow do thy worst, for I have lived TODAY”.

We always look for magic to happen which normally we over looking that magic happens only if we take some measures or actions towards the realities of our existence.

The first thing you should know about is stress, worry, anger is that shut the doors on the past and future. START LIVING TODAY.

Always question yourself:

• Do I tend to put off living in the present to worry about the tomorrow/ future?

• When shall I start to do this? Is it the NEXT DAY, TOMORROW or today?

• Can I get something extra out of life if I start living today?

• Stop regretting about the past, as the past is what has happened in the past, it is over and done.

• The future is unknown and depends on your today.


So start your living by addressing yourself that TODY IS A NEW LIFE, and see you will overcome anxiety, stress, loneliness and fear. 

Psy Greeshma Nataraj

Psychotherapist, Counselling Psychologist & Tarologist