I shall tell your Father?

He works strong, his face is hidden either by mustaches and beard or behind strong emotions. We cannot read his eyes as we are always made to believe in this statements by birth that father’s are strict and strong.

Are they really strict, are they too stern or disciplined or a difficult person without expression.

Why do we get scared by the threat given to us by our friends or teachers ” I shall tell your Father “


Father is seriously only that true person in life who keeps strong and strict face still having ocean of love within him. He is the one who even after hearing the news of becoming Father for first time shy within him self. He feels he own the whole world, his happiness is boundary less but still cannot express it, wants to dance break the norms of happiness but still worries what people will say . Very scared to handle and shower the love to his newborn,as the baby is fragile,he just observes from far hiding his emotions maybe his masculine hands, his stiff arms his hairs on his chest can hurt my darling. Distancing himself from enjoying that delicate touch and just keeping emotions in within him.

Still sometimes he is misunderstood,while the child grows he wants to give all that freedom,all that love and attention but still within he is worried am I doing the right for my kid and in the whole process he is silent sometimes expressionless.

Still he hears my father doesn’t understand what I want,he doesn’t connect with me?
You come from his genes, but do you or in that case even I or all of us  do make an attempt to understand him we just go as the perception and belief goes which are laid down by someone long back ago.

But Father he is still the same keeping all his love within , speechless cannot express,seeing his birds from nest flying away and just giving him that respect which is covered with a veil of sacredness or anger.

Till his breath he just gives in one or another form , from becoming a father, a bread winner, a dad to grand father but still cannot express his true feelings how he feels to be a father.
Good that we are celebrating father’s day, as new gen will understand what his emotions say without saying anything. The bridge of emotions get connected at least once.

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