Exams Fever across India

Exams season across India now, so felt like penning down something. I would like to say something to those kids and young generation that you are preparing for the exams which are going to start so come on be prepared for it and no need to worry as it’s only an examination. Yes, exams are to be prepared not with stress or worries but in actual senses exams are to make us prepare to face the challenge. They are meant to make us realise our capabilities and strength. They are not for making us weak. You know some might be very good,some may excel with good marks and some may not or even loose it. But that’s not the end of every thing these board exams are just making us prepare for being more strong,structured to take up day to day challenges which will be in our life as we go ahead.

Every body is not equal to grab things some might be very quick,instant and some may take time and may be slow, that doesn’t matter, as all five fingers are not the same. We have to realise our strengths and work with it to face this challenge of exam. We should have that zeal in us that whatever it is we are going to take up this exams in a right way with out any sense of stress or confusion and give it our best. Kids this a competition for us within us only, not to prove the world whether we are genius a geek or not. No!, I don’t think so it’s necessary to the world to judge us. If we can attempt new things on daily basis we can attempt these exams also isn’t it??? and excel very well. Competitive spirit is always good but to break our own limitations not with our friends and pears around us. So stop worrying what your friend can do , will I be able to do or no. You can do much better and different things than your friends. Put a full stop and say I’m going to break the fear of exam and perform what ever is the outcome I’m going to try it as I try my day to day activities.

This one is for the parents,whose kids are going to appear for the exams. Let it be exam time , competitive or boards, please , don’t pressure the kids for what they are not good at like continuously asking them to be with books. Talk to them , make them comfortable, understand their point of view, encourage them. Give the strength which they are expecting from you , become their confidence and see how they will excel in their exams. After all we brought kids in our life for happiness not to prove to the society, friendcircle or relatives that our kids are our medals or trophies.
Hence I would say treat them like a prince and princess give them time though it’s exam time give them space, pamper them for the strong subject,boost them of the weak. Make them speak out if anything is disturbing them. Come on give it a try rather been a role model as a parent’s only change the role as a friend atleast till the exams are on and see how it shall make a big difference in your kids performance , give it a try.

Ending here with this suggestions to all you out their who will be writing his or her first board exam. Appear for the examinations just as exam, the results are not important more than your life. Go for it………..
All the best for all of you.

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