So Express …

If you see in general, 58% of our communication is conveyed by our body language, 35% is our tone of voice and merely 7% is our actual words we speak. Most of the communication which happens between all of us is generally non-verbal communication even if we change the percentage or the proportion. In case of clear 100% COMMUNICATION, attached understandings.

If we don’t speak out our words or feelings, then people will not understand or may misinterpret our body language or tone. Which in return pushes you to the extent of creating rifts and turbulence in your own life and relationships.

So express!

It must be able to express, to communicate and not just depend on the results whether they are positive or negative. As again, the out put depends on an individual, how he or she takes it, process it and responds to it. Because it is an individual’s ability, perspective or belief, and they shall think in that way only. So response has to be taken as feedback to improve oneself. Not to keep hurt feelings or grudges. It is all how you take it and receive it. You may have good knowledge, a good number of degrees with distinctions, but that does not suffice to make you a great empathetic person. To be empathetic you need to have experience and the right way of processing the conversation whether verbal or non-verbal.

Again, what you experience only you know it, only you can realise it or only you can understand it. But when you are sharing it with your close ones, it’s just words which create an impact on others that depends on how you communicate. As you share your experiences in word form, but the impact or the feeling of that particular experience is within you. Hence, if you wish to have a good relationship, start communicating in the right manner with the right words, right gestures, and overall right actions. It all depends on how you communicate.

There will never be any misinterpretation or misunderstandings in any relationship.