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Choose Your Thoughts

choose your thoughts as we choose our food We experience unhappiness not because of problems but because of our perceptions , our beliefs that problems is equal to unhappiness. The Key to Success in our Life is Our Thoughts. It is the State of once mind that place an important role.... Psy Greeshma Nataraj

Understanding Self

Start taking control of self rather than loosing your life's battle or sacrificing your self respect . Being emotional, sentimental is fine but being sensitive towards self is the best. If you understand yourself and distance the unwanted you can be happy in your life.... Psy Greeshma Nataraj

Pollution with in Us

Environmental Pollution around us can be physically cleaned, but what about our pollution of mind ... Our believes pollutes our mind, so do our opinions We should address this pollution with in us... Psy Greeshma Nataraj

Stop Thinking of Others

Let not people or society decide what person you should be or what you should achieve in your life. If you really want to prove yourself start evolving self, by controlling your thoughts and redirecting it in right direction. Start loving your self and then the world will recognize you ... Psy Greeshma Nataraj

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Feeling Bad by Others