Tarot and Angel Card Reading


Tarot can be used as a powerful tool for reaching a confident level of decision making and motivating for the right accurate communication. 


Tarotology is the hypothetical basis for the reading of TAROT CARDS.

Tarot Cards were originally used in games and are still used for that purpose in many parts of Europe. It is not considered a science therefore it’s a practice of pseudoscience.

The belief in the divinatory meaning of the cards is closely associated with a belief in their occult properties.

“ TAROT “ came from the Egyptian words ‘ TAR ‘, “ PATH “ or “ ROAD “ and the word ‘ RO ‘, ‘ ROS ‘ or ‘ ROG ‘, meaning “ KING “ or “ ROYAL “, and that the TAROT literally translated to the “ ROYAL ROAD of LIFE ”.

Despite this lack of any evidence, the belief that the TAROT cards are linked to the Egyptian Book of Thoth Continues in Modern Urban Legend to the present day.

In these all the Cards are illustrated in accordance with Qabalistic Principles most being influenced by the Rider Waite Deck.

From Psychological Point of View, there are those who believe that the person themselves is the once making the connections between the cards. Some believe that Tarot is useful either because it is a way to let one’s subconscious speak, or because of meaning feel coincidences between the situations or question at hand and the cards.


Tarot is entertaining, thought provoking and beautiful. Cards Artwork is really stunning and amazing. Tarot Cards will only have as much power and meanings as you allow it to have.

Tarot can be used as a powerful tool for reaching a confident level of decision making and motivating for the right accurate communication.

To clear the blurred images of mind and thoughts, to clear the battle of objective and subjective thoughts, TAROT can be used to bring in the shining array of light energy in your love life, for your emotions for your family for your business and for each and every difficult path of life for which decisions are to be made.

The main criticisms of TAROT CARD reading is its distinct lack of common reading method among its practitioners.    


These cards help highly sensitive people, who feel comfortable working with Tarot only if it’s extremely gentle and safe. Traditionally Tarot was shrouded in secrecy to avoid the persecution of those which spiritual gifts. Yet, Tarot is still in the most accurate tool with which to receive detailed information and answers of-course, you can get guidance by going directly to GOD, JESUS and the ANJELS. However, when you are stressed, it is difficult to feel or ear their presence or message. That’s when Tarot Card can create a pipe line to heavenly guidance to you. 

There a different type of Tarot Cards, they can be Oracle Cards, Angel Tarot Cards, Guardian Angel Cards etc. The only real difference between the Angel Cards and Tarot Cards is that the later follows a structured story line of what life is like on earth. We are born, go to school, meet friends, fall in love, get married, and chose careers. All these aspects of life and many more are found in Tarot. Every Card is safe for highly sensitive people.

Tarot originally consists of two sets of cards, which is called ARCANA. Which is further called as MAJOR ARCANA and MINOR ARCANA. THE MAJOR ARCANA, which comprises of Twenty-Two Cards that describe major events and turning points. In our lives relationship, career changes, marriage, pregnancy and over all personal challenges. The Major Arcana Cards can also represent the difference phases from childhood to old age.

The Second Set of Cards, which are called THE MINOR ARCANA, which consists of four suits representing different aspects human life. The Minor Arcana Cards are numbered 1 (ACE) through 10, plus additional 4 Cards that are traditionally referred to as COURT CARDS the Page, The Knight, The Queen and The King. The Major Arcana reflects Major Life Transitions, The Minor Arcana represents the data to day aspects people in our life. 

In Traditional Tarot, the four suits of Minor Arcana are usually named as WANDS, COUPS, SWARDS and COINS. In Angel Tarot Cards they are called ACTION, IMOTION, THOUGHT and ABUNDANCE. In Angel Cards the name of The Minor Arcana Card is FRIENDS CARDs. In these Friends Cards the Messenger, Helper, Healer and Guardian can represent either as situation or person during reading.

On Historical Note, The Major Arcana was originally created with Justice as the 8th Card and Strength as the 11th Card. However, in the earlier 20th Century ARTHUR EDWARD WAITE created his famous RIDER-WAITE DECK which is still used by all Tarot Card Readers.


 I believe that nothing is concrete and is the same implied with predictions. It also has got several escapes. Everybody on this earth has to go through the thick and thins of life even me too. I have been believing that every adult has a tolerating patience and if it goes over flow then I use my power to guide that adult who approaches me. 

My strong belief: “when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it,” The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. 

I have got this skills within me, may be because of my good deeds or my karma's that I can act as a catalyst for others to guide them in a proper directions to make their intuitions come true and direct their manas and buddhi together to carry forward their dreams to come true.

I started as a hobby 21 years ago, it has really been an adventurous path of my life which has grown me as a spiritual guide also. I have touched different aspects of life of different people by giving readings, predictions and guidance with the help of tarot cards, body language, face readings and their auras. 




People might think that Tarot is just seeing the images of cards and explaining, no not at all.   Tarot reading is a whole process where, you not only get your answers to your questions, but also discipline yourself with process of meditation and controls your intensity of emotions. 

As the nature of human being we are all very curious to know the answers for each and every changes which are taking place in our life and are also anxious to known our future and what is next going to happen in near future. In this scenario predictions plays upper hand or can say they are empowering. In any case if a little of this is revealed to us then, we among human being feel that we can make right selection of path or idea and make the best use of it with better amendments. 

Reading TAROT CARDS has always given a positive energy and looking at the things in positive perspective. She have always been very grounded and practical and down to earth person throughout her life and that’s the way when she came across different clients of her from different type of society they could easily relate to me and trust me. Which is her power for going on board with TAROT CARDS along with  simplicity, knowledge and intuitively. 

She believe in one thing that GOD has created all of us with same flesh and blood and some senses, but some of us are more blessed by some extra powerful senses and she is happy to be blessed among one of them. So she believe that our lives are determined by our own choices and we are aware of our consequences knowingly unknowingly or subconsciously. She help people by giving readings through TAROT, FACE READING, BODY LANGUAGE so people can make right decisions for themselves.

She usually give a half-hour reading. 

She start with quick briefing, like what happened in past and then on that what shall be coming up in future. Then the focus is on the questions, which her clients want to ask. She have given her  clients the freedom to ask any sort of doubts or questions, while she does spread. 

She also give 15 min reading slots where the time is limited, for 15 min session only 2 specific questions will be answered.

* All personal readings, please confirm the appointments prior* Please be specific in your mind for the questions to be asked, especially for 15 min slots.