Grounding and Connecting the Society for Betterment


Helping People, to find your voice so that you be voice for others collectively for unity




Greeshma the name itself connect you with a climate spring, which gives a soothing picture of sunshine, greenery, everywhere blossoms of flowers and chirping sound of birds which will make you fall in love with nature.  Similarly, Greeshma is a dynamic personality apt to her name. Greeshma is exactly that spring season which makes you love her. 


She has got a degree in Finance & Auditing along with a degree in cost accountancy, but the assets & liabilities, balance sheets, work in progress, audit notes never interested her, she just followed her heart despite having such great degrees. She has proficiency in 9 Indian Languages other than English and 2 foreign languages, traveled from Northern hemisphere to Southern hemisphere, Eastern and Western parts of India leaving across her impact on people. 


It was Greeshma’ s hobby to read body languages of people and then eventually she got attracted towards Tarot Cards. She was introduced to cards by Mrs Coleman in Canada who was a Tarot Card reader, when she was growing up in her late teens. They sound to be fascinating her and her attraction towards them made her to take up a course for Tarot Card reading and gradually she started practicing it with her inborn quality of body language reading.  Unofficially she started doing it amongst her friend circles when she was 20 and now when she looks back its really 21 odd years that she had built up herself, growing with different people across globe by giving readings in a professional way.


This journey has not only outgrown her, but she has also touched various aspects of lives of different people by providing guidance with the help of TAROT CARDS and PSYCHOLOGY COUNSELLING for their unanswered questions.  As Counsellor and Tarot Card Reader she could let out some helpful solutions regarding the never-ending thoughts of subconscious mind or interpretations of their dreams or any insecurity taking their health, love life, career, money etc. 


Always aspiring to do something for others kept her moving and then she came to know that she wanted to really do something which can help mankind & nature. She got inclined towards Psychology when she came down to India and that further took her to be a Psychology Counsellor along with following Certifications 

• Certified Psychological Counsellor (IAO HOUSTON, USA)

• Certified Cognitive Behavioural Therapist

• Certified Child Psychology (Accredited by CTAA)

• Certified Life Coach 

• Certified NLP Trainer 

• Certified Tarot Master


She just believes in one thing that if you have passion and love towards your hobby take it one step ahead and make it as your profession because you will start enjoying and living your life by gaining some monetary benefits also. Life is full of excitement, love, passion and then comes achievements with proper planning.


Life is to explore and learn new things changes happen with experience and Greeshma’ s belief has always been to inspire everyone  around her to live life as it is the most precious gift on this world and you get it once so live and grow with all while inspiring others.

For many, desire to do business is not out of happiness but for happiness. She never thought to start-up organisation to be a competitor or threat to others. For her it is her clients & her satisfaction at the end of the day. For her it is accomplishment of her services which brings smile on her clients face making them a strong personality by her intervention in their life and that satisfying gesture works as reward from her clients.

Whether competitors like it or not she experiences the joy of imparting clarity in minds of her clients and touch their mind and hearts. This joy of imparting clarity is itself her reward. It does not matter to her whether her competitor likes her or not, whether she has lakhs of numbers of clientele or not. She gets her rewards when her clientele mind gets clearer from her attempts. She doesn’t want bigger number as she just wants more people to get benefits.

It was her passion she wanted to follow, and she is following, She always had competition within her  along with her which made her a much better person day by day instilling more confidence in her to deal with the different people across the different states & countries wherever she moved in. 


The LOGO carries name of Greeshma Nataraj

The Orange curve starts with a dynamic positivism which Greeshma tries to infuse among you.

People seek her intervene in their life with the help of Counselling. They come with the disturb thoughts and views which has symbolized by the Blue Waves.


When Greeshma as a Counselor intervene their thought process with magical touch those blue waves of emotional turbulence come to an end with help of Orange Color  mixing with Blue Color further ending into those two ORANGE DOTS.

Her presence have changed many people's life with counselling that Black Drop among the Blue Wave lines is that magical touch which really makes you believe in her and gives you an energy to work along with her for betterment.